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Whole Foods

Do you sell Co Q 10, and does a person need to take it?

Sincerely, Joe


No, we do not make a CoQ10, as it is always synthetically derived. We much prefer getting anti-oxidants from the whole food state, as in our VitaFruits and VitaVeggies, for the best absorption and cellular utilization. At VitaTree we use Whole Food nutrients, without synthetic vitamins, minerals.

Health Food Stores

Vitamin Store

Detox & Parasite Formula

Do you take the VitaDetox during the Parasite Cleanse, or do you take it after, during the 2 week break?

Thanks, Mike


You can take the VitaDetox at the same time as the Parasite Cleanse, and in the 2 weeks following the Parasite Cleanse to help eliminate the dead parasites and eggs from the internal organs and blood.

Whole Food Vitamins