Natural Remedies for Chronic Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis

Chronic cystitis is classified as a chronic inflammatory condition of the urinary bladder that repeats or is ongoing.  Common cystitis symptoms can include; frequent and painful urination, blood in the urine, nocturia, or night-time urination, strong-smelling urine, feeling of pressure in the bladder and sometimes fever.  Unfortunately the common treatment of cystitis includes antibiotics which can make the whole syndrome worse in the long run.   Antibiotics wipe away all of the important good bacteria or probiotics from the body.  Probiotics help to make the immune system function properly and need to be present in high enough amounts to ward off the bad bacteria, often linked to chronic cystitis.  Probiotics can be supplemented, but need to be the right type of friendly flora, made for the human digestive tract and human body. It should be a human microflora, or HMF and be present in very high numbers. The best probiotics supplement is VitaTree Probiotics for these reasons. For more info on VitaTree highly potent probiotics from HMF click here.

Chronic inflammation of the bladder that is not due to bacteria is called interstitial cystitis.  This type of cystitis is recurrent and very disturbing for most women who suffer with it.  The natural treatment for interstitial cystitis includes probiotics as mentioned above, plus a high quality fish oil supplement that works as a natural anti-inflammatory.  Another way we treat patients naturopathically for interstitial cystitis is with coral calcium, called Whole Food Calcium, also from VitaTree Nutritionals. This helps to alkalinize the body and urine, decreasing the inflammation in the bladder. For more info on Whole Food Calcium click here. The diet should also be very high in fresh, raw, fruits and vegetables. This helps to also alkalinize the system.

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