4 Processes That Ages Us Fast

Today I wanted to share with you 4 processes that age us the most.


Firstly, there is Glycation. If there is too much sugar in the body, protein molecules can cross-link with sugar molecules.Once this cross-linking process has occurred, they tend to gravitate toward dermal collagen and elastin. The amino acid L-lysine helps with the sugar trap for healthy collagen fibers and helps plump the skin from the inside out which minimized wrinkles and bring back luminosity in the skin.  


Secondly is inflammation.  Few people understand that hidden inflammation is at the root of many chronic illnesses.The inflammatory process speeds up the aging process.  Omega 3 fatty acids can act as a natural anti-inflammatory.


Third on the list is oxidative damage from free radicals.  The best way to get anti-oxidants that protect us against free radicals is through raw fruits and veggies.  So make sure you follow Mom's advice to always eat your fruits and veggies.


Lastly is stress hormones such as cortisol which offsets your estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels. How you manage stress really has an impact on its ability to slow down or speed up the aging process.  Take time to do some breathing exercises, yoga, physical activity.


To Your Health and Wellness!




Dr. Janine Bowring

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