7 Top Diet Tips for Treating PCOS

Over the years as a naturopathic doctor, I have treated many women for PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and have put together the following list of diet tips for treatment with much success.

1) Sugar: eliminating sugar, which includes all the "white" foods, like white bread, white flour, etc. These tend to be empty calories but they do spike the insulin levels and insulin imbalance is very much related to polycystic ovaries. It is very important to decrease those sugars in the diet.

2) Fruit Juices: contain sugars which lead to the increased insulin levels. It is so much better to consume low-glycemic level fruit, such as apples, pears, plums, berries as these can actually help and they won't affect the insulin imbalance and the ovaries.

3) Avoiding starchy vegetables such as carrots and potatoes, consuming more low-glycemic vegetables such as sweet potatoes and leafy greens. In addition, the leafy greens act a detoxifier for the liver and I have found that liver toxicity played a part in PCOS for many of my patients.

4) Detoxification: is critical and my VitaDetox is one of the first things I put all my patients on who suffer from PCOS. VitaDetox is formulated to gently detoxify all your internal organs, including the endocrine organs and the female reproductive organs, helping to get all the systems back in balance.

5) Fiber: increasing the fiber in the diet helps to manage and balance out the insulin levels and hormones. One of the easiest ways is to take psyllium fiber is VitaMucil which contains pure and easy-to-digest psyllium husks ground into and ultrafine powder that is easy on the intestines, and placed into capsules which actually cleans out the inside walls of the colon like little brushes that sweep off the built up debris on the intestinal walls.

6) Healthy Fats & Omega 3's: increasing the healthy fats found in nuts and seeds is very important, and staying away from the inflammatory saturated fats. As well, you should supplement with a high quality Omega 3 supplement, higher in the DHA than the EPA. I created VitaFish Oil with exactly this in mind. The DHA gives you the benefits of all the anti- inflammatory effects as well as helps balance the hormones.

7) Good quality lean proteins help to balance those insulin levels. They also give us energy, help maintain our muscle mass while exercising, all of these things help keep the hormone levels balanced as well.

PCOS can be unpleasant for women and the diet can have a positive impact on this condition. Your good health is truly in your hands. Choose to heal what ails you the natural way. Let VitaTree help you achieve the healthy Vita Life!

To Your Health & Wellness!

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Dr. Janine Bowring

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