Natural Allergy Remedies

Many of my patients suffer from allergies. This can be seasonal allergies at the beginning of Spring or ragweed and hay fever in the Fall, or can be allergies to pets, pet dander, dust, dust mites, etc. Before buying all kinds of chemical allergy medications, be aware that nature has provided many natural remedies to help with your allergies.

The Overuse of Antibiotics Today

When antibiotics were first discovered in 1928, they were considered a miracle drug that could cure anything and everything. Today, they have been so over-prescribed, that the very bugs they're designed to conquer have now become immune to them.

How to Treat Allergy Symptoms Naturally

Allergies are on the rise. With global warming and warmer temperatures, plants are actually creating more pollen. Add that in to more carbon dioxide in the air, and you have many people suffering from allergies, especially in the Spring and late Summer-early Fall; Drug store shelves are filled with medications that have many side effects. As a naturopathic doctor, I counsel my patients to always seek out the most natural treatments for what ails them. This is very true when dealing with allergies.