Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: The Dangers of Celebrex and Vioxx

For many years, when people had joint pain, they took COX-1 pain killers, like aspirin. It was found, though, that those drugs could irritate the stomach lining. So, in 1999, the drug companies came up with COX-2 inhibitors. These included some of the most prescribed Arthritis medications, like Celebrex and Vioxx. They were touted as being able to relieve pain with no stomach irritation. Their side effects, in fact, were much worse. In 2004, however, Vioxx was pulled off the market when it was found to increase deaths from heart attacks. In some cases, those taking the COX-2 pain killers had a four times increased chance of having a heart attack. [i] Celebrex is still on the market and is still being prescribed by doctors. Is it safe?

Much better are natural alternatives for joint pain relief. I formulated Vita Joints with this in mind. It contains natural joint supplements like glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, mixed with our proprietary blend of high anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables. VitaJoints acts as both a pain reliever and joint support supplement with no side effects. The anti-oxidants have the unique ability to clean up cellular debris within the joints thereby reducing inflammation. They can be used for everything from arthritis to sports injuries, from fibromyalgia to gout. They are natural and free of any fillers, so there is no fear of using them long-term to keep pain at bay.

I have never stopped my patients from using prescription drugs, but much prefer the healthy natural way of treating pain and inflammation. There are no side effects with VitaTree. Sometimes, it seems that a medical drug will treat one problem then cause another. That has been the case so far wth COX-2 inhibitors. Why risk your cardiovascular health by taking a pain killer? The natural way is always the best for your body.

Please leave your comments below. Do you suffer from Joint Pain? How do you get relief? Let's get healthy together and live the VitaLife!

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Dr. Janine Bowring

[i] Queen's University (2006, April 17). Study Points Toward Alternatives For Vioxx And Celebrex. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 31,

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