Yoga Facial Exercises : How to Lose Your Chubby Cheeks

Unlike any yoga sequence you have tried before— this yoga workout is for the face!

Natural Treatment for Eczema

Toxins in the GI tract is one the many reasosn why many suffer from skin eczema!

How to Reduce Mouth Wrinkles, Laugh Lines with Yoga Facial Exercises

Yoga for wrinkles?  No child's pose or downward dogs necessary. Facial yoga exercise is a non-surgical easy way to reduce mouth wrinkles and laugh lines.

Natural Cellulite Tips

Cellulite is that awful dimpled skin that mostly affects women. There are a lot of very expensive lotions and potions out there, but cellulite is very difficult to get rid of with these. Some of the most proven solutions to cellulite are very natural.

How to Grow Healthy Nails Quickly

When my patients complain about the appearance of their nails, one of the first things I look at is their diet. It's important that your diet contains sufficient protein. Whether you're a vegetarian or not, most people don't realize that protein is one of the building blocks for healthy nails. If your nails aren't looking the way you'd like them to, then ramp up the protein.

How to Grow Long Hair Faster

Many of my female patients have lamented not being able to have the long thick hair they wished for. It's not always easy to have that.