Best Vitamins & Tips for Weight Loss

Weight loss can be difficult for many people to acheive. Over the years practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor I have been able to pinpoint specific reasons as to why people can't lose weight effectively.

On deeper cellular level, it is important to talk about detoxification. While it’s true that we live in a toxic world, it’s important to remember that there is a lot you can do to enhance your body’s natural ability to detox. Many of the toxins in our body are stored in our fat cells which can contribute to weight gain and difficulty losing weight.

Our VitaDetox™ is a gentle full body detox formula that helps to improve and detox the internal health of all the major organs of elimination. VitaDetox full body cleanse is a natural detox that includes a liver cleanse, bowel cleanse, kidney cleanse, skin cleanse, lung cleanse, and a heavy metal cleanse giving the body a total cleanse of all toxins and poisonous substance from the blood and tissues, this is also known as total body cleanse all in one formula!

Toxins that accumulate in the internal organs can lead to the accumulation of belly fat, and fat around the internal organs which brings me to our Fat Burner formula. Belly fat can be one of the most stubborn areas for fat accumulation on the body and the hardest to get rid of especially when dealing with stress hormones such as high cortisol levels.

VitaTree Fat Burner is a blend of whole food ingredients scientifically proven to improve metabolism, speed up the fat burning process, burn belly fat and help with weight management for both men and women. This natural weight loss supplement works to speed up metabolism and increase energy levels for more productive workouts.

Ideally, you would take the VitaTree Fat Burner about half and hour before exercise to increase the thermogenisis or the ability to burn fat. For the best results, we have team up the Vitatree FatBurner with the VitaDetox in a convenient package called the "Fat Blaster Combo"

Another reason for stubborn weight loss is magnesium deficiency. Magnesium has many functions in the body including the metabolization of our foods. Our VitaTree Magnesium is a specialized form of magnesium that is called Magnesium bisglycinate. This form of magnesium has superior absorption of elemental magnesium and does not cause loose stools or diarrhea, even at higher doses, which is not true for most magnesium supplements on the market. Start your morning with the fat burning potential of our Wholefood Magnesium.

Calcium is also necessary for weight loss. Most people unfortunetly take calcium and magnesium together at the same time. Magnesium and calcium compete for absorption, so it is not always the best idea to take them together. Our Wholefood Calcium supplement formulation contains over 65 other trace minerals, plus the calcium. This means your body will absorb the calcium while keeping your system more alkaline.

VitaTree® Probiotics is unique in the world of probiotic supplements in that it contains a blend of friendly flora that normally live in the human digestive tract. These very high potency bacterias not only populate the large and small intestine, they also help with breakdown food and helps witht he absorption of nutrients.

What if I told you that you could be holding onto 15-20 pounds of excess fecal matter? VitaMucil is our psyllium husk formula tha works like little sponges to clean off the inside walls of the colon and traps bad fats. A little trick is to take the VitaMucil with a big glass of water, half an hour before meals. This will expand up to four times its weight to help you feel full before a meal which means you will eat less.

Last but not least, is our VitaFruits and VitaVeggies formula which gives you whole food nutrients from nature's best superfoods in easy to take convenient vegetarian capsules. I personally take these every day!

Of course, weight loss should always accompany lifestyle changes. Weight loss should never be just a temporary goal. Long term weight loss success depends on changing lifestyle habits such as exercise and proper eating. Check our our Fat Burning Diet Plan at

To Your Health and Wellness!


Dr. Janine Bowring

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