Calcium - Better Absorbed Type of Calcium Supplements

In the news a few years ago, there was an alarming report in the medical community about the questionable safety of taking calcium supplements and the risk of heart attack and stroke, especially in post-menopausal women.

Unfortunetly, those calcium supplements were the synthetic calcium supplements and not whole food calcium and they were taken together with magnesium.

In my opinion I think it is important to take both calcium and magnesium, but I recommend the magnesium seperately to help with the absorption of calcium. When taken together they compete for absorption. Here at VitaTree we recommend the magnesium capsules to be taken in the morning and then our Wholefood calcium supplement in the evening for the best absorption .

Our wholefood calcium supplement is made from fossilized coral calcium in powdered form. It is easily digested without any negative side effects. It is also important to mention that it also does not contain any excipients ,fillers or flow agents, like magnesium stearate which affects the absorption of your nutrients and vitamins.

So, it is really important when taking calcium, that you are taking the right kind of calcium that is absorbable and taken away from magnesium.

Another benefit of our Wholefood Calcium is that it is alkaline forming. We need an alkaline environemnt in order for calcium to go into our bones. It is easy to take, mix just 1 scoop in any liquid of your choice, at bedtime, even great in tea! Helps with osteoporosis, healthy bones and teeth and so much more!

To Your Health and Wellness!


Dr. Janine Bowring

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