How to Eat to Prevent Cancer

The key to preventing cancer through your diet is to eat a variety of healthy, clean foods and avoiding anything that is processed. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic for foods that tend to be highly sprayed with pesticides like grapes and apples. If not organic, then produce should be washed well to remove any pesticides. Raw is best, though steaming for less than three minutes, will maintain most of the nutrients.

Chemotherapy Side Effects

Not only is a cancer diagnosis devastating in itself, but the side effects from the usual treatments, chemotherapy, radiation or any cancer drugs, can have distressing side effects on your body. I have treated many patients undergoing chemotherapy and have given them the following to combat these side effects:

Krill Oil vs. Fish Oil

There's a lot of marketing that goes along with supplements and lately, Krill Oil has been touted as being "better than Fish Oil". I'm not sure I agree. As a naturopathic doctor and the formulator for Vita Tree Supplements, I firmly believe that Fish Oil is the better choice. And here's why.

Prevention is 1000X Better than finding the Cure!! What is Naturopathy?

The whole premise of Naturopathy is preventative medicine, to prevent illness from the beginning. When you choose to live the VitaLife, you choose to stay happy and healthy. It's also about treating the individual patient. Unlike conventional medicine, where several patients may get the same medicine for a sore throat, Naturopathy treats the individual, so each patient will have a different natural remedy. Conventional medicine tends to treat just the symptoms; your doctor gives you a prescription based on the symptoms you're exhibiting.