Candida and Yeast - Natural Tips

Over the years, I have successfully treated many women with the complaint of chronic yeast infections. With dietary changes and the right supplements, this condition can be eliminated permanently.

1) Stop eating sugar. Sugar feeds the yeast and is one of the prime culprits of chronic yeast infections in women. The worse is processed sugar, the kind found in candies, chocolates and cakes that we love to eat. Even natural sugars, found in fruit juices, can feed the yeast which can cause these painful infections. Eating fruit in its whole form is much better as the fiber in the fruit helps to balance out the sugar and it's not in a concentrated form. For those patients who suffer from chronic yeast infections, I suggest limiting fruit intake to one or two a day; sugar must be eliminated from the diet completely to help reduce these infections.

2) Take a bath in warm water and add one cup of vinegar and ten drops of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil helps kill the yeast and the vinegar helps to acidify the vaginal tract. This is important, especially in the first stages of the infection, when you first begin to feel the discomfort of a yeast infection coming on. Take this bath for 2-3 days consistently if you need to. This changes the environment of the vaginal tract and can keep the infection at bay.

3) Taking a high-quality beneficial flora product

I believe there are always natural solutions to what ails us. Your health truly lies in your hands, the choices you make affect your health directly.  Follow the natural way to the vibrant Vita Life!

To Your Health & Wellness!

Dr. Janine Bowring

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