Chemotherapy Side Effects

Not only is a cancer diagnosis devastating in itself, but the side effects from the usual treatments, chemotherapy, radiation or any cancer drugs, can have distressing side effects on your body. I have treated many patients undergoing chemotherapy and have given them the following to combat these side effects:

1) A good Probiotic: chemotherapy wipes out all the flora, good and bad, in your body. It's critical to replace the good flora with a good Probiotic. The right strain, one made with a live organism designed for human digestion. 

2)raw Fruits and Vegetables: packed with disease fighting antioxidants. The dark coloured berries are an example of these. During cancer treatments, many of my patients complain of the associated nausea and low-energy. These antioxidants found in this produce are great for this, but when undergoing cancer treatment, it is difficult to get out daily and buy the freshest fruits and vegetables. 

3) Omega-3's help keep the cell membranes healthy, which keeps the toxins out of the cells themselves. It is especially critical during cancer treatment to have your Omega-3's at a high-level. 

Even when undergoing something as devastating as cancer, it's important to keep your immune system as healthy as you can. Your energy level will increase which in turn helps. Even during the most difficult times, I believe that good health is still obtainable, by taking the right natural measures. Please write your comments below, if you or a family member is currently undergoing chemotherapy and you have questions, ask them here, I answer all of them. Let's keep the conversation going and learn and take charge of our health. You can live the Vita Life if you do!

To Your Health and Wellness!

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Dr. Janine Bowring

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