Cholesterol Supplements

Cholesterol Supplements

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VitaTree Cholesterol Formula is a blend of natural ingredients that lowers cholesterol without the use of medications.  These natural ingredients add with a low cholesterol diet which include dietary fiber helps to lower LDL- the bad cholesterol, lower triglycerides and raise HDL- the good cholesterol.  This formula combined with VitaMucil is effective and safe for cardiovascular disease treatment, high cholesterol and maintains healthy arteries.

Formulated by Naturopathic Doctor Janine Bowring, ND, VitaTree® Cholesterol Formula contains nature’s best cholesterol lowering supplements, without synthetic vitamins, minerals or fillers.

VitaTree®Cholesterol lowering supplementscan help with:

  • Lowering High Cholesterol naturally
  • Improving HDL
  • Lowering High LDL
  • Lowering High Triglycerides

Garlic is used in Herbal Medicine to help reduce elevated blood lipid levels/hyperlipidaemia in adults and to help maintain cardiovascular health in adults. 


What is VitaTree® Cholesterol Formula?

Phytosterols, Gum Guggul, Garlic Powder and Fo-Ti Root Powder

I’m taking a medication for my cholesterol levels and high blood pressure meds, can I still take VitaTree Cholesterol Formula?

Yes, many of our customers successfully take VitaTree Cholesterol formula, cholesterol lowering supplements with their medications. This can include cholesterol meds and high blood pressure meds. If you have questions about how to take them together, please call our experts at VitaTree Nutritionals and we will guide you through it.

Are there any Side Effects with VitaTree Cholesterol Formula?

No. And this is what makes it the best cholesterol supplement on the market. Cholesterol lowering drugs have a number of side effects and many either cannot take these cholesterol lowering drugs, or they wish not to because of the terrible side effects. VitaTree Cholesterol Formula is 100% natural with no side effects, and it works! Some customers who cannot take the conventional drugs because of the side effects have reported that the VitaTree Cholesterol Formula paired with the VitaMucil have lowered their cholesterol naturally, to a level even better than the drugs and better still no side effects!


I’ve been searching for a natural alternative to treat my cholesterol, would VitaTree Cholesterol Formula be considered a good choice?

Yes, absolutely VitaTree Cholesterol Formula may used a natural alternative. In fact, most of our customers use VitaTree Cholesterol Formula with the VitaMucil as their natural alternative to lower cholesterol levels.

How is VitaTree Cholesterol Formula different from the drugs for high cholesterol?

VitaTree Cholesterol Formula contains natural supplements for lowering cholesterol levels with no side effects. The conventional treatments for high cholesterol work by shutting down cholesterol formation in the liver. This is not a favorable thing because we need cholesterol to make our hormones, to help fat digestion, for our cell membranes, for the production of Vitamin D and for our memory.

I have normal cholesterol levels, do I still need VitaTree Cholesterol Formula?

Yes, because prevention is always better than cure. This is especially needed for you if you have a family history of high cholesterol levels. Have your cholesterol levels checked regularly and use the VitaTree Cholesterol Formula, cholesterol lowering supplements and VitaMucil together to keep your cholesterol levels in check.

My cholesterol levels are slightly elevated and the doctor says I don’t need a drug yet, is the VitaTree Cholesterol formula the best cholesterol lowering supplement for me?

Absolutely. It is best to prevent cholesterol levels from becoming elevated, especially the LDL cholesterol levels. VitaTree Cholesterol Formula, cholesterol lowering supplements can help keep your levels in a normal range. Stress, diet and lack of exercise fluctuations can raise and lower cholesterol levels. You never know when these lifestyle events may change, so it’s always better to be proactive and use natural supplements for lowering cholesterol levels whenever possible.

Recommended Dose: 1 capsule three times per day, with a meal.


Cautions and Warnings  
Consult a health care practitioner prior to use f you have diabetes, or are taking protease inhibitors. Discontinue use and consult a health care practitioner if yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes, dark urine, nausea, vomiting, unusual tiredness, weakness, stomach or abdominal pain, and/or loss of appetite occurs as these may be symptoms of liver disease. Consult a Traditional Chinese Medicine/Health Care practitioner prior to use if you have a liver disorder, problems with blood coagulation, or in cases of spleen deficiency, phlegm, or diarrhea. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you have a thyroid disorder. Consult a healthcare practitioner if are you are taking beta-blockers (e.g. propanolol) or the calcium channel blockers. Consult a healthcare practitioner if you have coagulation disorders and/or are at risk for bleeding or are taking anticoagulant or anti-platelet medication. Discontinue use if gastrointestinal discomfort, headache and/or skin rash appears. 

Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

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Cholesterol Supplements

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By Patricia

10-May-2014 02:53:00 pm

Love..Love...Love the results of this vitamin. I having been taking VitaFruits for couple years, this really does make you feel alive all day.The only "funky" thing is because it is plant based it has an earthy smell. With that said, take it everyday you will feel amazing.

Ingredients : Healthy gut flora is important in the maintenance of proper digestive function in cholesterol lowering LDL cholesterol levels, the assimilation of nutrients from food and supplements and a factor in achieving healthy immunity using cholesterol lowering supplements to lower LDL cholesterol levels. Probiotics also produce many important enzymes and increase the availability of vitamins and nutrients, especially Vitamin B, Vitamin K, lactase, fatty acids andcalcium. Combining HMF probiotics with VitaTree Cholesterol helps immensely to lower LDL cholesterol.

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