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Daily Essentials Vitamins

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What Supplements are Essential on a Daily Basis?

Due to the over-farming of our soils, we no longer get all the natural whole food vitamins and supplements we need from our food on a daily basis. Even if we are eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, it is questionable as to how many wholefood vitamins and minerals we are actually getting from these foods. An estimation was made that eating 1 peach 50 years ago would be the equivalent of eating 25-30 peaches today in terms of lack of nutrient density in our soil today. Food that reaches our plate has often endured long travels and was never picked at peak ripeness. This means less nutrients and certainly not food that is “alive” as it was years ago when we plant and harvested our own crops. To ensure that our cells remain healthy and to ensure a healthy aging process, we need highly concentrated antioxidants from a whole food sources.

Vitatree Fruits and Veggies Multi whole food vitamins make up part of the Vitatree Daily Essentials 5 pack, providing a whole food multivitamin without synthetic vitamins, minerals, fillers or preservatives.

The third daily essential is fish oil supplements. Unfortunately fish has become quite toxic and getting your fish oil from eating fish is really not highly recommended. The best source for fish oil supplements in the highest ratio of DHA to EPA (omega 3 fats) as in VitaFish Oil supplements. It has a 40:10 ratio of DHA to EPA. DHA is the important omega 3 fatty acid for supporting the brain and spinal cord, and the eyes. DHA turns over from the blood to the brain 3-8 % daily. If you do not supply your eyes with DHA daily, your eyes are slowly being depleted.

The last Vitatree daily essential is Probiotics supplements, or good gut bacteria. Probiotics supplements from Vitatree Probiotics are an important accelerator of all the other daily essentials vitamins as the good gut bacteria supports healthy digestion and assimilation of all the other Vitatree supplements. Probiotics supplements are necessary to maintain a healthy digestive tract and support a healthy immune system. Probiotics supplements should be Human Microflora as they are in VitaTree Probiotics. A human digestive tract needs human microflora, it’s that simple!


Vitatree Daily Essentials is a combination of our supplements that most people should take on a daily basis to maintain health and vitality and to help support a healthy aging process. This unique combination of VitaTree Whole Food nutrients gives you the most powerful natural ingredients your body requires daily. It includes Vitatree Fruits Multi and Vitatree Veggies Multi, VitaFish Oil, Vitatree Calcium, and VitaTree Probiotics. This combo can be used by the entire family.


Vitatree Daily Essentials is for the entire family, including children.


AM: take 2 capsules of VitaFruits on an empty stomach with a full glass of water.

PM: take 2 capsules of VitaVeggies on an empty stomach with a full glass of water.

Dinner: take 4 VitaFish Oil, 2 Probiotics with food.

Bedtime: take 2 capsules of Vitatree Calcium.


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Daily Essentials Vitamins

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