Digestive Support for Calm Bowels

As a naturopathic doctor and the formulator of VitaTree products, it is my intention to do things in the most natural ways possible. Natural solutions are the key. When it comes to learning more about irritable bowels, I have found there are five natural steps to help support a healthy digestion.

1) Eliminate Stress: it is important to find a way to reduce your stress on a daily basis. This can be through a warm bath, exercise, and meditation or deep breathing exercises. These simple things can make a dramatic difference in the health of the GI tract.  Avoid negativity, like not watching the news on TV. The more negative thoughts you have, the worse off your symptoms will be. You have to find what works to reduce your stress and then practice it daily.

2) Detoxification: it is crucial that the toxins in your digestive tract are eliminated, in order for it to work more optimally and work less sluggishly. With IBS, gentle cleansing is the key. 

3) Diet: it's important to eliminate foods that could possibly irritate the digestive tract. The usual culprits are dairy and gluten. These are the two groups of foods that tend to cause the most irritation. Try eliminating them for a good month or two and see if that makes a difference. Today, most grocery stores stock many gluten and dairy-free products, so it's a fairly easy switch that could make a big difference for your symptoms.

4) we need to maintain the "good" friendly flora in our digestive tract as this is what actually helps break down our food. Not all probiotics are created equally. Most of the ones on the market come from cow or soil organisms. Make sure you choose probiotics for the human digestive tract with human microflora.

5) Yoga: can be a great way to exercise to relieve stress but can also help with circulation, which is turn, helps with digestion. Try a few yoga classes and see that it can make a difference to your IBS symptoms.

There is always a natural solution to whatever condition you may have, it doesn't have to be about taking drugs. Your good health lies in your hands, choose the most natural way to help what ails you. There are solutions that have been around for centuries, yoga and a natural diet, coupled with eliminating toxins and helping your digestive tract.


To Your Health and Wellness!

Dr. Janine Bowring



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24-Sep-2015 03:42:02 am

Delighted to have discovered you on youtube as a sufferer from M E unfortunately IBS is a common factor with this horrible illness. I was wondering if your products are obtainable in my country of Scotland in the UK? I am loving your facial exercises as a 70 year old who although not to well I still try to exercise and look young as I can but have noticed that when IBS is severe my facial lines are many. Thank you again for your wonderful blog.
Elizabeth Harding