Fibromyalgia and Healing Fibromyalgia Naturally

I find that my patients suffering from Fibromyalgia is on the increase. Many women suffer from this debilitating condition and there is little that conventional medicine can do to ease the symptoms. These include pain (joint pain and pain in trigger points in the body), chronic fatigue, insomnia and cognitive dysfunction to the point where memory and the ability to think clearly is affected. I think the increase in cases of Fibromyalgia has to do with the toxicity in our environment.

As a naturopathic doctor, I believe the best way to treat this condition is by getting back to basics. The following is a list of natural fibromyalgia treatments that can dramatically reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

1) Healthy Diet (Fibromyalgia diet): with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lean protein will help the muscles with lots of antioxidants. I created my Vita Fruits and Vita Veggies for this reason; high ORAC produce, that makes getting an extra seven servings a day easy.

2) Exercise: many sufferers of fibromyalgia don' think they can exercise because they are in pain, but the truth is that exercising can help reduce the pain and release toxins in the sweat.

3) Whole Food Supplement: can also help with the symptoms. One of my favourites is Magnesium, which can help relax both the nervous system and the muscles. It's important to get the right type of Magnesium, my VitaTree Magnesium is bound to the amino acid glycine, making it easy to absorb.

4) Decreasing Stress: as with any condition, it's important to have some stress management in place to help with the pain. The domino effect of fibromyalgia is that you're stressed because you're in pain, and the stress causes you more pain and so the cycle continues. It's important to find a way to decrease stress daily. This can be through yoga or meditation.

5) Reducing Inflammation: You need to get enough essential fatty acids into your system. One of the easiest ways to get the essential Omega-3's it to take my Vita Fish Oil, which is packed with just the right amount of EPA and DHA to help do that. Reducing inflammation will help with the body aches and the joint pain.

6) Detox: to rid your body of some of the toxins that are in our system and that can cause the symptoms of fibromyalgia in the first place. With all the toxins in our environment, some uncontrollable like the air and water, and some self-inflicted, like smoking, our bodies are having a hard time in staying toxin-free. My Vita Detox will help your internal organs get rid of the toxins in a gentle way, help you feel lighter and can help ease the pain.

When patients are diagnosed with a condition, often they feel hopeless. I'd like to help you get the hope back. I believe that by going back to basics of good, clean health, we can heal the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. By taking charge of your health, you can live the Vita Life!

To your Health & Wellness!

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Dr. Janine Bowring

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