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Fish Oil Supplements

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The body requires omega 3s on a daily basis from fish oil supplements to maintain all body functions including the heart and circulation, brain and cognition, as a natural anti-inflammatory and for vision. Omega 3s are called essential fatty acids, because the body does not readily produce these on its own, meaning they need to be supplied by the diet. The most important omega 3 is DHA. DHA is decosahexanoic acid. DHA is required by the brain and nervous system, as well as every cell in the body to maintain its proper function. DHA is more deficient in humans than the other omega 3s like EPA and this is why VitaFish Oil from VitaTree® is much higher in its DHA vs. EPA. Fish oil supplements have become very popular in mainstream medicine, and most doctors prescribe fish oil supplements to their patients because of the benefits of omega 3.

Best sources of omega 3

One of the best sources of omega 3 is cold water fish like anchovies, sardines, salmon, herring and tuna. Unfortunately most of these fish are toxic with contaminants like mercury, PCB’s and dioxins and are not recommended to be eaten and are no longer considered the best sources of omega 3. It is safer and more effective to supplement with fish oil supplements, high in DHA, like VitaFish Oil.

The best sourcesof omega 3 from plants include walnuts, flaxseeds and beans. However, certain conditions and nutritional deficiencies make it very difficult for most people to efficiently convert the omega 3 to DHA and EPA, the much needed specific omega 3 fatty acids for good health.

Best Fish Oil for Kids

VitaFish Oil provides the absolutely essential Omega 3 fish oil in a very easy to take, great tasting small gelatin capsule. Most of our customers just eat our orange capsules like candy!VitaFish oil is delicious, with no fishy taste or aftertaste. They are the best fish oil for kids.VitaFish Oil is a best seller in Canada on The Shopping Channel.

VitaFish Oil has the following omega 3 fish oil benefits:

VitaFish™ Oils an all-natural omega 3 supplement that supplies the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, important for brain, cardiovascular, joint and cellular health. VitaFish™ Oil, fish oil supplements from VitaTree® Nutritionals is in the form ofsmall fish oil supplements capsules, and it contains no added fillers, synthetic preservatives or nutrients, just pure fish oil. VitaFish™ Oil isone of the bestFish Oil Supplementsin the form of tasty orange flavored gel capsules, great for children and adults, with no fishy taste or fishy after taste! VitaFish™ Oil is free from common fish contaminants like Mercury, PCB’s and dioxins. It has been processed by Molecular Distillation to remove these commonly found toxins that are present in fish.VitaFish Oil is the best fish oil supplementfor kids because it is easy to take, and it tastes great with no fishy after tastes!

Some of the benefits of fish oil - VitaFish™ Oil, fish oil supplements are:

• Beneficial in children’s visual and cerebral development
• Improves brain and cognitive function in adults and the elderly
• Essential during pregnancy and lactation
• Improves heart function and circulation
• Anti-inflammatory (arthritis, joint pain)
• Promote brain development and mental function

What is VitaFish Oil™  Supplements?

VitaFish™ Oil supplement is a blend of omega-3 fatty acids fish oil supplements derived from anchovies, sardines and salmon. It is unique in that it is all natural and in an easy to take form of gel capsules that can either be swallowed or chewed, without any fishy taste.VitaFish Oil fish oil supplements does not have any omega 3 side effects of bad fishy taste or aftertaste, because of our unique processing method and natural orange flavor.

VitaFish Oil is higher in DHA than EPA. The ratio is 40:10 of DHA to EPA. Your daily dose of VitaFish Oil provides 400 mg of DHA compared to 100 mg of EPA. Your body requires more DHA than EPA, and VitaFish Oil is the best fish oil supplement for this reason.

VitaFish Oil may be of great benefit for:

  • Heart disease prevention, lowering cholesterol naturally, lowering Triglycerides,
  • Natural Arthritis treatment, (Rheumatoid, Osteoarthritis)
  • Treating different stages of Alzheimers Disease
  • Natural weight loss
  • Natural acne treatment, natural Psoriasis treatment, natural Eczema treatment
  • Constipation relief, Crohn’s relief, Colitis relief, natural IBS treatment
  • Easing depression and anxiety symptoms, ADD, ADHD, Autism treatment and prevention
  • Treatment of Macular Degeneration, natural eye supplements


Not all Fish Oil Supplements are created equal! Take a look at the list of ingredients in VitaFish Oil:

Each VitaFish Oil Capsule Contains:

Fish Oil (10% EPA:40% DHA ) - 250 mg

Daily Dosage for Adults and Children: 4 VitaFish Oil per day is equal to 1000 mg

This will yield 400 mg of DHA and 100 mg EPA per day.

VitaFish™ Oil is one of the best Fish Oil Supplements free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals. It has been processed by Molecular Distillation to remove environmental pollutants. VitaFish™ Oil has been Third Party Tested to be compliant with the CRN Monograph and international Fish Oil Standards.

Order Your Value 2 Pack of VitaFish Oil Supplements today and experience what thousands of our customers are raving about in these tasty orange treats!

VitaTree®Fish oil supplements Combination-Works Well With:

  • VitaJoints
  • VitaTree® Cholesterol Formula
  • VitaFruits,VitaVeggies
  • VitaTree® Probiotics


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Fish Oil Supplements

14 Review currently available

By Leslie

10-Dec-2014 11:52:50 am

Love these - I just pop them into my mouth and eat them like candy. They taste good, and my skin is glowing! I used to eat a lot of fish, but because of the mercury and pollution these supplements are a much healthier alternative and no fishy taste either.

By Anna

05-Aug-2014 01:54:18 pm

Very good product. I feel much much better. Will by them again.

By Jill

29-Jun-2014 02:20:53 pm

Vita fish oil is an essential in my life along with many other vita tree products. I feel it is making me more aware and my vision is better. I know it will help with my heart in fact my whole body !! Combine this with vita joint and you will not have pain either ! Plus no fish taste ! Oh I can't thank you enough !!

By Alexander

11-Apr-2014 01:34:40 pm

This cold water fish oil is a pretty good source for the right ratio of epa to dha. Still, you need to take 4-6 softgels a day to get optimum health benefits. hard to find fish oils with the right balance in them, this one is close. I will stay with VitaTree Fish.

Each VitaFish Oil Capsule Contains:

Fish Oil (10% EPA:40% DHA ) - 250 mg

Daily Dosage for Adults and Children: 4 VitaFish Oil per day is equal to 1000 mg.

This will yield 400 mg of DHA and 100 mg EPA per day.

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