Flu Attack-Curing the Flu Naturally

When trying to cure the flu naturally, my first tip is to get enough rest. There is no point in trying to keep up your regular schedule when your body is fighting the flu, in fact, your immune system works best when your body is well-rested. This advice applies to when you're first coming down with the flu or when you have the flu itself.

Make sure that you're getting enough fluids. The fluids will help to maintain your electrolytes, keep up your energy levels and help you to flush through those toxins, the bacteria, and/or the virus, whatever you're fighting.

Make sure that you're taking something natural, made from herbs that will help you with the flu symptoms as well as to treat your immunity. Often, when you're getting frequent flu and viruses, it can mean that your immune system isn't working optimally. You want to boost your immune system so that it is strong enough to fight off the bacteria and viruses we are surrounded by, especially during the winter months. There are some fabulous herbs out there to help you do just that. One of my favourites is Echinacea angustifolia, which is a natural antibiotic and was used by the first settlers to the United States in the 1800's as an antibiotic to cure infections. In the days before conventional antibiotics were discovered, this was the most popular one. Another great herb is Astragalus membranaceus, which is knows as a "deep immune" herb. It helps the immune system fight off infections and disease in general. It helps to strengthen the immune system on a deeper level, making it more able to fight off colds and upper respiratory tract infections mainly due to its natural anti-viral properties. Panax Ginseng is really important as well, to help you treat some of the symptoms of a cold or flu, such as the raspy cough, irritated nasal passages, sore throat. It will also help to cut down the length of the cold or flu, you'll get over it so much more quickly. Althaea is another great herb that acts as a demulcent, with the ability to soothe inflamed mucous membranes. Helpful for relieving sore throats and irritate nasal passages.

I actually put all of these herbs together in my VitaTree Cold, Flu & Immune Formula. This natural supplement can help you keep your immune system strong, so you can avoid getting the flu in the first place. I suggest taking 1-2 capsules twice a day beginning in the Fall through the Winter months. Should you get a cold, you can take 2-3 capsules twice daily to cut down on the length and severity of the cold.

Rather than taking medicine with all the side effects, nature has provided us with the herbs to cure what ails us. You have the choice to fight the cold and flu with natural supplements. Your health is in your hands. Make the choice to live the vibrant Vita Life!

To Your Health & Wellness!

Dr. Janine Bowring


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