How You Can Heal Your Body by Healing Your Mind

The mind is a very powerful tool in reversing ailments.  The key things to remember is to always keep positive thoughts and have faith that you will heal.

How to Heal Yourself Using Body Mind Medicine

Our minds create our reality. You can’t really have a healthy body if you have unhealthy thoughts; the reality is that your thoughts can make or break your health. 

The Top Five Foods for Diabetes

Diabetics can dramatically improve their sugar levels by changing their diets and adding some key superfoods to help balance the insulin levels in the blood. The following are well researched dietary changes that can help diabetics, and those who have fluctuating insulin and sugar levels due to poor diet and perhaps stress.

Tennis Elbow Natural Tips

A common issue with many of my patients is Tennis Elbow, which is not restricted to tennis players of course. Anyone who uses a mouse or does a repetitive motion using their forearm daily can develop this condition. The medical term for this is lateral epicondylitis, which basically means that the forearm muscles are inflamed and causing pain and tenderness. Of course, the more that muscle is used daily, the more pain and inflammation ensues.

Digestive Support for Calm Bowels

As a naturopathic doctor and the formulator of VitaTree products, it is my intention to do things in the most natural ways possible. Natural solutions are the key. When it comes to learning more about irritable bowels, I have found there are five natural steps to help support a healthy digestion.

Tips for Stress and Low Mood

Some of my patients suffer from stress and anxiousness. They are always in an anxiety state and this can affect their daily lives and lead to depression. As a naturopathic doctor, my motto is that you need not suffer. There are natural solutions for supporting a healthy nervous system and mind.