How to Eat to Prevent Cancer

The key to preventing cancer through your diet is to eat a variety of healthy, clean foods and avoiding anything that is processed. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic for foods that tend to be highly sprayed with pesticides like grapes and apples. If not organic, then produce should be washed well to remove any pesticides. Raw is best, though steaming for less than three minutes, will maintain most of the nutrients.


The next step you can take is to chew your food properly. This may sound funny, but in reality, only by chewing your food thoroughly can you get all the nutrients out of it. As busy as we all are, eating on the run, even eating healthy food on the run, doesn't mean you'll get the most out of your food. Sit down, enjoy and chew your food properly.

Some spices, like ginger and cinnamon, are also cancer-fighting. So spice up your life daily and help keep cancer away. Finally, 4 & 5 cups of good quality green tea has the EGCG that are another great way to combat this disease.

Take charge of your health, and you take charge of your life. By sticking to the basics of a clean, healthy diet, avoiding all things processed, taking whole food supplements, getting plenty of rest and reducing your stress levels, these are your best safeguards against getting cancer or any other disease. We can all live the Vita Life together!

To Your Health & Wellness!

Janine Bowring Creator of Natural Whole Food Supplements

Dr. Janine Bowring

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