How to Heal Yourself Using Body Mind Medicine

As a naturopathic doctor, I’ve studied the mind-body connection. When I speak to my patients, I point out that what goes on in your body has a lot to do with your thoughts. What’s going on in your head definitely affects your body. You can’t really have a healthy body if you have unhealthy thoughts; the reality is that your thoughts can make or break your health.


If you’re always worried about getting a disease, you’re constantly thinking about it, you’re always thinking about how tired you are and how little energy you have, if you’re always thinking about getting the diseases that run in your family….then likely that’s exactly what will happen. You’ll get the disease. This isn’t just a new age idea; scientific studies have been done that proves this point.


This is true especially of all my cancer patients that I have seen over the years; they’ve always had the common demeanour, a fear of cancer.  If you don’t fear it, you can’t create it. Every cancer patient I’ve ever met has always had a fear of cancer, so be very mindful of your thoughts.  You have to stop thinking negative things, or that’s exactly what you’ll manifest. You need to switch your thoughts around, so if it is a negative thought, you have to switch it to a positive thought.


The more you do this ‘switching’, the more positive thoughts you fill your mind with, you will begin to manifest good health. Miracles can happen at a cellular level, I’ve seen this happen.  Your cells start to work the way they’re supposed to regardless of the diagnosis. I believe that if you are filled with positive thoughts and energy, you can heal yourself, no matter what conventional medicine says. 

It all starts with your mind and your thoughts.  Make sure you’re meditating with positive thoughts.

Be your ultimate, healthiest person that you can be.

Live the healthy Vita Life!


To Your Health & Wellness!




Dr. Janine Bowring, ND


For further reading

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