How to Reduce Mouth Wrinkles, Laugh Lines with Yoga Facial Exercises

There is a non-surgical easy way to reduce mouth wrinkles and laugh lines—Yoga Facial Exercises. As we get older, a lot of women develop deep furrows around their mouths. Furrows are the lines around the mouth that can actually be minimized by using facial exercises. These yoga facial exercises that I will be sharing with you will help form tighter skin that will make you look younger and also slow down the aging process of the skin. These tips will be invaluable they are simple, quick and most importantly effective in looking younger.
First is one of my personal favourites called The Puffer Fish. You start by puffing out your cheeks in order to push out the wrinkles from the inside out. You’ll notice that you may experience a tingling feeling in the cheeks. Don’t worry! That tingling feeling is your body telling you that you’re pushing the muscles in your cheeks outward, consequently pushing out the wrinkles from the area around the mouth. You can do this at your desk or while driving in your car, yes you will look silly but trust me those wrinkles will be gone. Aim for about 20 repetitions daily, with time, your muscles will get stronger and you’ll be able to hold it longer.
Next, on the area where furrows form above your mouth, we are actually going to push on the area where the wrinkles are forming and hold down the furrows as we smile. This acts to strengthen the muscles that are around the mouth. You can actually press quite firmly to help create resistance. Once again repetition is key, do about 20 repetitions of this daily and you will soon see the muscles become firm, which will smoothen out the wrinkles.
Next I’m going to show you some massage techniques based on acupressure points. These are connected to the large intestine meridian and the first one is beside your nostrils. Place a finger on each side and do a small circular massage, gently, and this can help to release any blocked energy or ‘chi’ in this area. Do this for about 30 seconds, then go down a bit, to a point where you’ll almost feel like a little hole, again massage gently for about 30 seconds. What this does is bring a lot of circulation to this area, and circulation is exactly what we need to heal, build and maintain our collagen levels. Helps to reduce the appearance of those laugh lines by reducing inflammation.

Using these simple methods, you can begin to reduce the appearance of the lines around your mouth, without going under the knife. The natural way is always the best for your skin and your body. Soon, you will be living the vibrant Vita Life! To your Health & Wellness!


Dr. Janine Bowring

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