How to Treat Allergy Symptoms Naturally

Allergies are on the rise. With global warming and warmer temperatures, plants are actually creating more pollen. Add that in to more carbon dioxide in the air, and you have many people suffering from allergies, especially in the Spring and late Summer-early Fall; Drug store shelves are filled with medications that have many side effects. As a naturopathic doctor, I counsel my patients to always seek out the most natural treatments for what ails them. This is very true when dealing with allergies.

The first thing I recommend is frequent saline nasal flushes. You can buy these in any drug store and they help to flush out the pollen in your upper respiratory system. Next, I tell people to keep their windows closed, keeping the pollen out. Regularly change the air filters in your home. Investing in a good air purifier, especially in the bedroom, will reduce your symptoms as well.

As far as supplements go, I always recommend a good essential fatty-acid to decrease inflammation. Omega 3's are called essential fatty acids, one of the best ones is my VitaFish Oil. They are easy-to-take, are guaranteed to be mercury-free and taste good enough for children to take as well. Next, allergies cause our immune systems to become even more sensitive; things that didn't bother us before, like pets, can become a problem. It's important to treat this sensitivity with a good probiotic. Not all probiotics are created equally. VitaTree Probiotics contains the right strain of the good bacteria that is made specifically for the human digestive tract.

I''l let you in on a scoop; I'm currently formulating a new supplement specifically for allergies. As the formulator for all VitaTree Products, it's critical that I do all my research before putting together a new product. Soon, I'll have specific help for all my allergy sufferers. I'll keep you posted.

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To Your Health and Wellness!

Dr. Janine Bowring

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