How You Can Heal Your Body by Healing Your Mind

As a naturopathic doctor, I have seen a direct correlation in my patients between their thoughts and their physical health. When asked, most people don’t realize they’re thinking either particularly positive or negative thoughts. The ones that think and fear disease are usually the ones that end up manifesting that same illness with their negative thoughts.

All the cancer patients I’ve ever dealt with had a fear for years of developing the disease and they’re the very ones who got cancer. It’s so important that you are mindful of your thoughts, be aware that what you’re thinking is often what you create. Besides positive thoughts, I recommend that you start meditating regularly, setting the intention for positive things, positive visualizations, that will switch your thoughts to be positive ones as well.

Often, the conventional doctors treating patients with disease may not have the same faith in the power of positive thinking. I have pure faith that anyone can heal from anything, so it’s very important, when dealing with a severe illness, that you maintain that faith. Using positive thoughts and visualization to manifest the kind of health you desire.

I had a patient a few years ago who is a great example. She was diagnosed with breast cancer; the biopsy confirmed the most invasive kind. She took it upon herself, as part of her treatment protocol, to do some deep spiritual work, including some chanting, some meditation, positive thinking. When it was time for her to go back to her doctors and have the tumour removed, lo and behold, the tumour was gone. She told me that not once had the doctors asked her what she’d done to make such a change happen.

Conventional medicine is often more focused on the science of health rather than the power of faith and positivity. When it came time to discuss further treatments, there were none undertaken as there was no longer any signs of the cancer.
We hear about these kinds of stories all the time. The key is that she had the conviction in her mind that she could heal the cancer and was convinced it would go away, which it did.

This is a great example for us all. If it can happen for her, it can happen for you as well.

Having that full faith that you can heal, thinking positive thoughts and you will see that healing is completely possible. The power of the mind and faith are able to heal illness and disease, as long as you believe they can.


To Your Health and Wellness!


Dr. Janine Bowring, ND

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