Kidney Detox

Most people don't realize it but the kidneys work together with the liver to detoxify the blood in your body. The kidneys are one of the five important internal organs that keep our blood and our bodies clean and free of toxins. The same toxins that affect the liver can affect your kidneys and cause problems.

We need to be really conscious of everything we put into our bodies, because our liver and kidneys have to work hard to detoxify it. It's so important to try and reduce as many toxins as we can, so they don't overload our internal organs. Cut back on drinking alcohol and smoking, stick to whole food vitamins and try seeing a naturopath for natural remedies for any ailments. Prescription medications need to also be filtered by the liver and the kidneys. Anything you can do to cut back on the number of toxins in your system will help your internal organs and reduce the chance that they will become overloaded and toxic. And this in turn can reduce your chance of getting seriously ill. Toxins that overwhelm our internal organs can lead to the beginning of kidney disease. Please list any of the medications you may be taking and I can comment on the effect this may be having on you.Let's keep the conversation going and comment here, so I can help guide you to the Vita Life.

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Natural Whole Food Kidney Detox

Dr. Janine Bowring

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