Lipitor and Crestor Side Effects/Safe Natural Ways to Lower your Cholesterol

Lipitor, Crestor and Zocor are Statins, a group of popular drugs used to control high Cholesterol. There have been studies done over the years on some of the side effects of these statin drugs, namely the increase chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes. To the point where this past January, Health Canada ordered that all statin drugs have a new label warning about the risk of increased blood sugar levels and the risk of diabetes directly on the label.

There are many natural and safe ways to control your cholesterol levels so you don’t have to take medication. First and foremost, cholesterol levels can be controlled by your diet. Watching your carbohydrate intake and avoid those sugars, breads, white flour, etc. that spike your insulin and cholesterol levels. Red grapes, much like red wine, contain resveratrol and the antioxidants that can help your cholesterol levels to stay low. Fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the colourful high-ORAC value ones, are also full of antioxidants. With our busy lives, I know it’s hard to always find the time to eat the required fruits and vegetables every day, so I created Vita Fruits and Vita Veggies, which can give you the nutrients equivalent to seven servings of fruits and vegetables in an easy-to-swallow capsule. Omega-3’s, as in my Vita Fish Oil, can help manage the internal inflammation that can lead to high cholesterol.

And finally, there’s my VitaTree Cholesterol Formula. This is my blend of natural substances that are proven to improve your cholesterol levels, with no side effects It contains Phytosterols, Guggulsterones, Garlic and Fo-Ti Root, all natural remedies proven to reduce your cholesterol levels safely. As with all my products, there are absolutely no fillers or synthetic ingredients.

You have a choice every day, to monitor what you put into your body that can enhance or diminish your health.  Nature has provided us with natural herbs and remedies that can help you have optimum health.  With VitaTree, you only get the purest, whole food ingredients. Only what’s on the label. And nothing else.  Let’s all live healthy together the natural way. The Vita Life way!

To Your Health and Wellness!

Dr. Janine Bowring


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