Lymph Drainage - Non Surgical Face Lift

One of my own beauty secrets is Lymphatic Drainage. It's important to know that the lymphatic system helps to drain toxins and excess fluids from the tissue. As we age, we've accumulated toxins and we start to get the excess fluids showing up on our face. This slows down the detox process. What we can do is manually get this lymphatic system moving and in turn, it helps our immune system to get rid of the toxic debris that has built up over time. This can include any bugs or bacteria that we may have been fighting. In short, moving the lymph directly helps our beauty routine.

Ideally you do this once a day, twice a day is even better. You should repeat each motion at least ten times and it's important to have a very soft touch. The lymphatic system is just beneath the skins surface and if you press too hard, you're actually shutting down the drainage. You don't want to do that; instead you can manually drain the lymph by using a very light touch. You can manually drain the toxins and the excess fluid using your fingers and hands.

Let's begin.

We start on the chest area, using a gentle motion, we stroke in a downwards direction. Repeating gently about ten times. The goal is to move the lymphatic tissue downwards towards the heart. It's the heart and the circulation that helps to drain those toxins and excess fluid and gets that lymphatic system moving.

Our second move is on the collar bone. We're gently moving the tissue outwards, in a fan-like motion. Above and below the collar bone, ten light strokes.

Number three is down the neck. There are big lymph nodes found under the big SCM muscle found on each side of the neck. Again, ten gentle moves in a downward direction, moving the lymph in the direction of the heart.

Number four is in front of and behind the ears. There are lymph glands here as well, so we are just gently stroking in a downward motion ten times. One finger in front of the ear, one finger behind the ear.

The fifth and final move is behind you head. You are gently stroking from behind in a downward motion.

When you start to feel your lymph clearing, you'll actually feel it at the back of your throat. That's a good sign that your lymphatic system is now working and it's starting to drain. It's remarkable what these simple moves can do for your complexion, your overall look and tone of the skin cells on your face. It's also draining out the excess toxins and fluids. It's so important to be doing this on a daily basis, any time you find yourself sitting and reading something on your computer, checking your emails, etc. is a good time to practice lymphatic drainage. It becomes a habit that you do every day.

Internally, I recommend the following to keep your skin glowing and prevent the signs of aging.

1) Essential fatty acids and omega 3's are important

2) Detox: to help the detoxification process of the lymphatic system and all your internal organs. 

There are natural ways to keep your face looking healthy and young that doesn't involve surgery or chemical treatments. The natural way is the best. Do these gentle moves daily and you will soon notice a difference in your skin tone and appearance.

To Your Health & Wellness!

Dr. Janine Bowring

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