4 Processes That Ages Us Fast

The Aging process is one of the things that people dread the most but not many know that aging has to do with consuming certain foods which speed up the aging process.  Find out how to  help slow down the aging process and give you that beautiful glowing skin that you always wanted.

Toxins in Vitamins and Supplements

Many people assume that all supplements are natural and good for them, especially the ones you find in the health food store. Few realize that many so-called "natural" supplements are actually synthetic and chemically-based and produced.

Could your vitamins be making you fat?

The problem with many vitamins on the market today is that they are synthetically produced and contain many fillers that the body doesn't recognize. Unlike whole foods, which our system recognizes and knows where to send them for the most benefit, the body starts to dilute the synthetic ingredients.

Skin Tone Improved by Fruits and Vegetables

Skin Tone Improved by Fruits and Vegetables

External beauty has much to do with what you do on the inside. You are what you eat, and your skin tells a story about how much to take care of your diet and exercise, as well as your detoxification. Skin radiance, luminosity, tone, texture and hydration are directly linked to your dietary habits, sleep patterns and lifestyle.