My Top Five Fat Loss Foods

After years of helping my patients and clients reach their weight loss goals, I have put together my list of Top Five Fat Loss Foods. Consumed daily, these will help you shed those stubborn pounds, particularly the difficult belly fat.

1) Green Tea, with a bit of Caffeine: Study after study has shown that drinking caffeinated green tea, whether hot or cold, will help to lose those stubborn fat areas. Drinking five cups of green tea throughout the day have been proven to reduce belly fat. It is actually the catechins within green tea which are believed to be responsible for this loss of belly fat. 

2) Coconuts: contain medium chain fatty acids that increase your metabolism by converting to energy rather than fat in the body. They are easy to digest. Coconuts can be consumed as milk, the actual fruit or coconut oil.

3) Peppers and Spicy Foods: contain capsaicin, this is what gives peppers their heat, and this ingredient can help speed up your metabolism. When you speed up your metabolism, you create thermogenesis, which in turn helps burn calories.

4) Low-Glycemic Fruit: Fruits which contain little sugar, such as citrus fruits, cherries, apples, pears peaches and plums. By eating low Glycemic fruits, you feel fuller for longer and are, therefore, not as likely to go searching for snacks every two hours.

5) Oatmeal: is full of fiber, which will also keep you fuller for longer and you won't go looking for snacks. It contains a little protein and topped with fresh berries, is an excellent way to start your day.

By following these suggestions, you can eat not only healthier but for targeted fat loss. Being overweight contributes to an increased chance of chronic illness and disease. Follow these steps and you are well on your way to the healthy Vita Life!

To Your Health and Wellness!

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Dr. Janine Bowring

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