Natural Antibiotics - Best Alternative to Prescription Antibiotics

Conventional antibiotics have a negative side effect: they kill not only the bad bacteria that cause an infection but they kill the good flora at the same time. The same good flora or probiotics help to keep our immune system healthy and able to fight off the next round of bacteria.

Conventional antibiotics set you up for this domino effect: you take an antibiotic, it kills both the good and bad flora in your system, your immune system is weakened so you pick up the next bug and then, another antibiotic and the vicious circle continues. Now there are times when faced with a critical illness that antibiotics may be necessary, but what you want to do is counter their effect by taking some of the "good guys" the Probiotics. I recommend taking Probiotics on an ongoing basis to ensure that your immune system is always healthy and at its peak, ready to fight an infection at any given moment.

There are also natural antibiotics that you can take, with no side effects. Garlic is an example of a natural antibiotic which helps to kill fungus, bacteria and viruses. You can add garlic to your daily diet to ensure that your immune system is kept strong. Ginger is another natural antibiotic; it can be sliced up and put into some warm water to help soothe a sore throat. You can feel the tingling in the throat as the ginger is killing off the bad bacteria there and increasing the circulation. Some other herbs like Echinacea and Astragalus can be used to fight infections and keep your immune system working optimally. Numerous scientific studies have been done on these herbs, showing their efficacy in fighting off colds, flu, coughs and infections. Keeping your immune system working on a deeper level can help to fight diseases such as cancer, some studies have shown. Panax ginseng is another herb that can help reduce the length and severity of a cold, cough, flu or infection. Finally, Althaea officinalis- Marshmallow herb is a demulcent, with the ability to soothe inflamed mucous membranes. This is great for relieving sore throats and irritated nasal and bronchial passages, as well as the lungs. It can even help soothe the digestive tract if you're experiencing some digestive issues while you are sick.

As a naturopathic doctor, I believe in treating things as naturally as possible. That's why I put all these herbs into my VitaTree Cold, Flu and Immune formula. With none of the negative side effects and all the natural herbs that have been used effectively for thousands of years. This is something that can be taken easily on a daily basis to not only build up your immune system to fight off colds and viruses, but can be used to ease the symptoms if you happen to pick up a bug. As it's totally natural, it's safe to double up on the formula should you be ill with a cold, cough or the flu. It's also safe to give to children, one capsule twice a day.

Choosing the natural way to heal is the best way for your body. With VitaTree Supplements, we make that easy for you to do.

To Your Health & Wellness!

Dr. Janine Bowring

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