Natural Cold/Flu and Immune Booster

Cold and Flu season begins in the Fall, when people start to get sick and the colds seem to spread from family member to family member. Children miss school, parents miss work and the elderly are especially affected. Running to the doctor constantly, it seems a never ending cycle.

Yet the key to staying healthy during Cold and Flu Season is a healthy immune system. Once your immune system is compromised, that's when the cycle begins. So the question is: how do we keep our immune systems healthy enough to withstand all of this?

The natural way, of course.

The first step is taking a good probiotic to maintain the good flora in our digestive tract. Often people don't understand that a healthy digestive system is key to a good immune system. Not all probiotics are the same though. It's important to have a high-grade probiotics supplement that is best suited for the human digestive system. I created Vitatree Probiotics with this in mind. It has a high level of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum made from a strain of human microflora. Most supplements on the market, whether found in yogurt or supplements, are cultured from cow bacteria. Ours is specifically made to be best for humans.

Often when people have the flu, conventional medicine prescribes an antibiotic, which might kill some of the bad bacteria but also eliminates the good flora at the same time. As a result, your immune system is weakened and you get another flu, sinus infection, etc. The cycle begins again. Vitatree Probiotics can stop the cycle by quickly rebuilding your good flora and your immune system. The cycle of getting sick over and over again with the same illness can finally stop.

I created VitaTree Cold/Flu Immune Formula, which is a non-drowsy supplement made from 100% natural ingredients that help strengthen the immune system. Nature provides many natural herbs, like Echinacea, Panax ginseng, marshmallow herb and Astragalus membranaceus to help cure cold, flu, upper respiratory tract infections, sore throats as well as urinary tract infections, yeast infections, gum and dental infections, the herpes virus and shingles. It works with the internal system to build up our immune system as well as externally to help with symptoms of colds, etc.

So it can both help prevent an infection and help you get through a cold or flu if you already have one. The VitaTree Cold/Flu and Immune Formula is best taken beginning in Fall, and then throughout the year to help raise your immune system to a healthy level.

There is no need to suffer through another Cold and Flu season, if you take care of yourself the natural way. Your health is in your hands, take care of it and live the VitaLife!!

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