Natural Cough Tips

There are natural ways of soothing a cough, even a chronic dry cough. A chronic cough can be an indicator that you are perhaps not taking care of yourself properly.

With coughs, one of the important things to realize is that the lungs are actually a detox organ. One of the first things to consider is detoxifying the lungs. There are great natural herbs that can strengthen and detoxify the lungs.

Take some time to walk in the country to breathe in fresh, more pristine air. Have air purifiers in your home and workplace to externally eliminate as many toxins as possible.

You can also use 100% pure Eucalyptus Oil, that you can purchase at the health food store. You can rub this directly on the chest. You just need a couple of drops and this really helps to quickly open up the airways. You can use this on children as well, when they have a cough. The natural eucalyptus helps to kill some of the bad bugs and bacteria and internally helps to soothe those irritated lungs. You can also prepare a hot soup made of ginger, green onions, honey, lemon juice and water that you boil up together in a medium size pot. You can refrigerate it and then warm it up as needed. This is very soothing for both your irritated mucous membranes and lungs when you have a dry hacking cough.

The key to prevent coughs is making sure our immune system is working optimally. 


To Your Health & Wellness!

Dr. Janine Bowring

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