Natural Fertility Boosters

Fertility issues seem to be more and more common amongst young women and men. Infertility can be treated naturally with the help of lifestyle changes and specific supplementation to bring hormonal levels back into balance. Nature has provided numerous natural fertility boosters to improve the chances of conception and to minimize the chances of miscarriage.

The following are some simple tips you can use to increase fertility naturally.

1. Fertility Foods

The following is a list of fertility foods that help to improve the balance of hormones required by a woman to conceive naturally.

  • Green Leafy Vegetables- kale, spinach, swiss chard, romaine lettuce all contain chlorophyll which binds heavy metal toxins in the body. The 'œcleaner' you are, the better your chances for fertility and a healthy baby.
  • High Anti-Oxidant Fruits and Vegetables- acai, goji berries, blueberries, blackberries, pomegranate all are high in natural anti-oxidants and phytochemicals that help quench free radicals and reduce oxidative stress in cells. This can help decrease inflammation at the cellular level, thus increasing fertility.
  • Whole Grains- oats, quinoa, rye, amaranth, spelt are all healthy carbohydrates that do not spike insulin levels as quickly as refined carbs like white flour and sugar. High blood sugar and insulin levels can lead to polycystic ovarian syndrome which is linked to infertility.

2. Fertility Supplements

The following are a list of supplements that I have used successfully in my naturopathic practise for treating infertility in both men and women.

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids- The important anti-inflammatory omega-3's DHA and EPA are helpful at reducing cellular inflammation and improving cellular function of the brain and spinal cord. Reducing overall inflammation increases fertility. See VitaFish Oil.
  • Full Body Detox- Regular detoxification of the internal organs is necessary for both partners to do at least 3-4 times per year. We all accumulate toxins on a daily basis, and they need to be detoxified regularly with a full body detox to improve fertility. VitaDetox is my formulation that I created to detoxify all the internal organs at once, in a safe and gentle, yet very effective way, that doesn'™t require drastic dietary changes.
  • Probiotics- Probiotics help regulate excessive estrogen levels in the intestines and improve its conjugation. Elevated estrogen levels in comparison to progesterone can cause hormonal imbalances that are related to infertility. Probiotics should be human microflora designed for the human digestive tract. See VitaTree Probiotics for the best probiotics supplement.

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