Remove Toxins to Lose Weight Fast and Feel Healthier

When trying to lose weight and feel healthier, one of the things people don't automatically think about is that your body may be full of toxins. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, all these can contribute to an increase of internal toxins. Releasing these toxins is an essential part of losing the weight, feeling lighter and healthier.

The first step to releasing toxins is to ensure you have frequent bowel movements. Women should be having 1 & 2 bowel movements daily, men should be having 3 (as men usually eat more than women). It's so important to our health that we be dumping and cleansing through frequent bowel movements. If you're not, then you need to increase your soluble and non-soluble fibre intake. This will help to bulk up the stool and aid in elimination. VitaMucil contains an ultra-fine powder of psyllium seed husk, which is the most beneficial part of the psyllium plant, and nothing else. It can help get your bowels moving and release the toxins as it works like tiny little brushes to sweep the insides of the intestinal walls.

The next step is to ensure that your diet is rich in fresh raw fruits and vegetables. You need the antioxidants in the raw produce to detoxify the free radicals that run through our systems. I realize that with our busy lives, it isn't always easy to get these into our diets. For that reason, I created my VitaFruits and VitaVeggies. These are concentrated, freeze-dried supplements made from the highest quality raw produce, in easy-to-take capsules. Together, the VitaFruits and VitaVeggies give you the equivalent of approximately seven servings of fresh produce daily.

Finally, there is detoxification. My VitaDetox was created to be gentle yet effective in releasing the toxins from all your major organs such as the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, digestive tract, lymphatic system and the skin. It was formulated to especially target heavy metals that end up in our systems from water, other environmental causes and any medications. I suggest taking our VitaDetox at least four times a year, at the change of the seasons. Some of my patients are on the VitaDetox constantly, it is that gentle.

Another way of cleansing is by using a Far Infrared Sauna. This can be a great complement to a weight-loss program, especially for those who are unable to exercise.These saunas cause vigorous sweating and increased heart rates, which is great for cardiovascular health and sweating is a natural way of detoxing through the perspiration, especially the toxins that are stored in the fat just beneath the skin's surface.

When starting a weight-loss program, it is important to cleanse the body of toxins first. It is necessary not only for weight-loss, but for a general sense of healthy & well-being.

To Your Health & Wellness!

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Dr. Janine Bowring

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