Sciatica Leg Pain Relief

Sciatica leg pain can creep up out of nowhere. You wake up in the morning and the pain is there. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body which, when irritated, shoots pain all the way down your leg.

Conventional medicine usually prescribes pain killers for sciatica leg pain relief, including oral and injectable cortisone. Cortisone itself is not a pain killer, rather an anti-inflammatory. As with many prescribed medicines, they often have side effects and it is best to try and find an alternative natural solution if possible.

I created Vita Joints to help ease the pain and inflammation of joint pain, with no side effects. It is a unique blend of well-known joint supplements plus a mixture of our high ORAC value fruits and vegetables in our VitaFruits and VitaVeggies, including Green tea.The antioxidants have the unique ability to clean up cellular debris within the joints and surrounding tissues thereby reducing inflammation.

I recommend you use Vita Joints together with our Vita Fish Oil. This is a natural anti-inflammatory supplement that lubricates the joints and reduces overall inflammation in the body.

A good anti-inflammatory diet is very important, if you suffer from sciatica leg pain often. Increasing your omega-3's, with nuts, extra-virgin olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly onions, garlic and dark leafy greens. Certain spices, like turmeric, oregano, rosemary, ginger and cayenne pepper, along with green tea, are proven to fight inflammation.

Avoid sugars, caffeine and trans fats, which is in most of our processed foods. Omega-6 fats, found in corn, safflower, sunflower, peanut and soybean oils, promote inflammation. Saturated animal fat is another culprit.

By following an anti-inflammatory diet and taking Vita Joints and Vita Fish Oil, you will reduce the inflammation that can cause the pain of sciatica. And a pain-free life is the Vita Life!

To Your Health and Wellness!

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Dr. Janine Bowring

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