Tennis Elbow Natural Tips

A common issue with many of my patients is Tennis Elbow, which is not restricted to tennis players of course. Anyone who uses a mouse or does a repetitive motion using their forearm daily can develop this condition. The medical term for this is lateral epicondylitis, which basically means that the forearm muscles are inflamed and causing pain and tenderness. Of course, the more that muscle is used daily, the more pain and inflammation ensues.

What can we do to help with this naturally? First, I recommend a massage. You can rub the area gently daily, moving around the tissue and flushing out any lactic acid that may have built up in the area. You can also use a Castor Oil Pack on the area. I recommend using a high-quality, organic, hexane-free castor oil from the health food store. You soak a cotton flannel piece with the castor oil and apply it to the affected area. You then put a heating pad on top of that and leave it on for about 45 minutes. This is a natural way to reduce the inflammation and the pain. It's also helpful for your immune system to clean up any cellular debris that may be present and increases circulation in the area, which helps with the pain and inflammation. Ideally, you can do this in the evening, while you're resting, either reading or watching TV. Done daily, it will really help with the pain and inflammation.

 Omega-3 fatty acids may help reduce inflammation, helping to lubricate the joints and reduce pain.

Your good health lies in your hands. Making natural choices to soothe pain and inflammation avoids the negative side effects associated with regular medication. Choose the natural way and soon you too will be living the radiant Vita Life!

To Your Health & Wellness

Dr. Janine Bowring

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