The Best Natural Hangover Cure

While it's seemingly fun to go out with friends for a few drinks, when you have too many, you wake up the next morning with a hangover. I want to share with you some of my favourite natural hangover remedies, not that I ever have to use them, haha, but great for anyone who's had a few too many cocktails and wants to feel better fast!

My first recommendation is lots of water and Vitamin C. Here at VitaTree, we don't condone synthetic vitamins, rather we encourage our clients to get their Vitamin C from a whole food source. Squeeze lemons into water, lots of it, and drink it before you go to bed, thereby alleviating the risk of a hangover the next morning. Another great thing about the lemon is that it helps to detoxify the liver, which aids in the liver processing all the alcohol you just consumed. The juice of one or two lemons in a big glass or two of water would be ideal.

Secondly is VitaDetox. I formulated VitaDetox to detoxify not only the liver, but all the internal organs (kidneys, blood, digestive system, lungs, skin and lymphatic system). This will help detoxify any toxins in your system as well as the alcohol. I recommend taking the VitaDetox on an ongoing basis, or at least four times a year at the change of the seasons. After a night of drinking, I suggest taking 2 Detox capsules along with your lemon water, which will help prevent the dreaded hangover the next morning.

While I don't condone going out on a regular basis and drinking too much, sometimes, when you're out for a celebration, you end up having a few too many. There is always a natural way to solve any health issues you may experience, even if it's a hangover. Use my natural solutions and you'll soon be back to living the vibrant Vita Life!

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