Thyroid Disease and Low Thyroid Function

Are you feeling tired and sluggish. Perhaps you`re also feeling extra sensitivity to cold environments and having difficulty losing weight. These are just a few of the many symptoms of low thyroid function that often go undiagnosed and thus untreated when seeking help through conventional medicine.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I`ve seen low thyroid function (or ``subclinical hypothyroidism``, the fancy name), as a common theme among many of my female patients experiencing some of the above symptoms. Often, patients have had these symptoms for many years, just chalking it up to hereditary factors, `slow metabolism`, or a result of being over-worked or stressed.

The good news is that if it is properly diagnosed, and early enough, there are many natural treatments to improve symptoms.

But it`s important to address the root cause of the low thyroid function. We can throw all types of natural and non-natural (i.e., Synthetic thyroid hormone) therapies at the thyroid gland, but wouldn`t it be nice to support the natural function of the thyroid, and to address the reasons why it might not be functioning properly in the first place?

Toxicity, most importantly heavy metal toxicity, must first be addressed, as described in the video. This is one of the reasons I formulated VitaDetox, a gentle supplement that acts to detoxify the body and heavy metals and to improve normal thyroid gland function.

To check if your thyroid gland might not be working optimally, you can check your Basal Body Temperature (or BBT) by tracking it day by day. There are many charts online that you can download for this purpose. If it is consistently below 97.7 degrees Fahrenheit (36.5 degrees Celsius), the thyroid gland may be under-functioning and contributing to many of your symptoms.

Foods to eat more of for low thyroid function:

  • iodized salt - iodine is important for proper thyroid function (**Note: Sea Salt usually lacks iodine, so look for a brand where iodine has been added)
  • dried seaweed (i.e, for sushi)
  • eggs
  • seafood

Foods to eat less of (or to avoid) if you have hypothyroidism:

  • raw, uncooked cruciferous vegetables (i.e., brocolli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower), peanuts, and soybeans - these are called goitrogens and can decrease thyroid function.& Note that if these are cooked, the negative effects are decreased

Overall, it is important to treat a low thyroid function, even if the common blood tests do not indicate that there is a problem with the thyroid markers in the blood (which is very common). By detoxifying the blood and internal organs, plus the thyroid gland regularly with something like the VitaDetox, it can improve thyroid function naturally, without having to rely on a drug to keep the thyroid running. Detoxification of the liver is also key, because the thyroid hormone is activated in the liver, and sluggish liver function compromises the conversion to T3, the active thyroid hormone.

Remember that your health is in your hands. If you are not feeling at your optimal best, be proactive and do something about it! Choose the appropriate natural supplements to boost your internal health and you can then get back to the energy and vitality that you once had!

Yours is Good Health,

Natural Whole Food Thyrod Health

Dr. Janine Bowring, ND

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