Top 10 Natural Fertility Boosters

There are ways to naturally boost your fertility in your daily life, that are simple to do.

1)Fruits: such as acai, pomegranate, etc. in their raw form contain important antioxidants that quench the free radicals we're exposed to on a daily basis. These free radicals can impact your fertility. I found that many of my patients who were having problems conceiving didn't consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

2) Vegetables: such as kale, spinach, broccoli, etc are just as important. They contain the same antioxidants to fight those free radicals.

3) Maca (Peruvian Ginseng) is important for female fertility, as it helps to balance the hormones. The estrogen and progesterone balance is critical to fertility

4) Omega-3 Fatty Acids are important as an anti-inflammatory, which helps with fertility. It is also critical for the fetus, once you're pregnant, to feed the growing baby. 

5) Good flora are important to keep not only the digestive tract, but the vaginal tract healthy as well. Women should be making sure they have good flora on a regular basis as they try to conceive. 

6) Drinking plenty of water: it's important to be properly hydrated with a good quality alkaline water. This helps flush toxins out of your system so I recommend 8 glasses of water daily.

7) Natural nuts and seeds contain both protein and essential fats to keep the blood glucose levels balanced. There is good fat in nuts and seeds and they make an excellent snack, in small portions of course.

8) Protein: whether from an animal or vegetarian source, is important to eat enough protein to maximize your fertility. Protein contains the essential fatty acids that you need and gives you the energy required, not only to get pregnant, but to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

9) Red Raspberry Tea: has been considered a tonic for the uterus for centuries. It keeps the uterus walls strong, not only through conception, but to carry a baby to full-term. Once pregnant, we lay off on the red raspberry tea, usually until the last trimester. Then it is safe to consume it again.

10) Coconuts help balance both insulin and hormonal levels naturally. It keeps our fertility in check. All you need is a small tablespoon daily, you can also eat the coconut fruit or drink coconut water, which also contains electrolytes.

Once again, it is my belief that the natural solution is always the least harmful and the one that does the most for your body. Your health is truly in your hands. Pick the right solutions, the natural solutions. And life the healthy Vita Life!

To Your Health & Wellness!

Dr. Janine Bowring

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