Essentials for boost Immune

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Posted by Dr Janine Bowring

February 25, 2021


With the year 2020 and all its health challenges behind us, in 2021, the MVP of the body is and continues to be the immune system.

the MVP of the body FOR 20/21
continues to be the immune system.

In the year 2021, there is a consensus in the world of medicine that keeping our immune systems strong and ready to defend is of utmost importance.

The good news about the complexity of our bodies, is that the immune system is primed and always ready to fight, when it is working well and when we take care of it naturally. With the health challenges of 2020 behind us now, we can look forward now in 2021 with much learned about immunity and what it takes to naturally support healthy immunity.

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The year 2020 posed many challenges for everyone, and on many levels. Never before has there been such a focus on health and the fears that surround not having good health and immunity. The good news is that now in 2021, we can unite with all the knowledge gained from our challenges and move forward in a healthy way, and support our immunity with key elements, all in tune with nature. Whole food nutrients and herbal medicines that have stood the test of time are at the forefront of natural medicine, and continue to be main players in the fight against threats to our immune system. Supporting healthy immunity is not only possible, but a requirement for living a long and healthy life. .

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Supporting healthy immunity should be part of a regular daily regime, just like brushing your teeth.

Mother Nature provides a variety of nutrients to support our immune system. Whole food nutrients from specific berries, for instance, provide concentrated amounts of whole food vitamin C, and the sun, Vitamin D.

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Here are 4 essential vitamins & minerals that will keep your immune system strong and functioning properly.

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Vitamin C from whole food sources is very different from the conventional synthetic vitamin sources for Vitamin C which unfortunately are the mainstream supply of this vitamin. Whole food vitamin C is better absorbed than synthetic ascorbic acid and contains supporting co-nutrients to help its bioavailability. Try Vitatree Organic Vitamin C

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The best way to get natural vitamin D is the sun. However, this is not always possible for everyone, throughout the year. A natural vitamin source, from Sheep’s wool lanolin is the next best thing. Ensuring our Vitamin D status is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy immune system.
Try Vitatree Vitamin D

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Iron is an important mineral that supports our blood and tissues. Whole food iron supplements that do not upset the stomach, or cause constipation, are often difficult to find and most conventional iron supplements are not well absorbed. Immunity is supported when we have proper iron levels, ideally from a whole food source. Try Vitatree Whole Food Iron

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Zinc is essential to many functions in the body but, if we are looking at the immune system in particular, it helps with the growth and function of our natural killer cells, T cells, and B cells. This is important because these are the soldiers and cleanup crew of defenses when a virus or pathogen enter the body. The natural killers and T cells are the ones that go out and kill the intruders in our bodies, taking care of the viruses that have already entered our cells (the soldiers). The B cells produce the body’s natural antibodies to the virus; these antibodies prevent the virus from attaching and entering cells, taking care of the viruses that have not already entered cells (the cleanup crew). If we are zinc deficient, we will have trouble producing these cells, weakening our immune system.
Try Vitatree Zinc Plus Quercetin 

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