Sleep Disorders : How to Get The Best Night Sleep

Sleep is the time the body can undergo repair and detoxification. Poor sleep patterns are linked to poor health.

About VitaTree Nutritionals

VitaTree™ is a leader in the supplement industry and has revolutionized the way vitamins are made.  As the pioneer of whole food vitamins in Canada,  with over 15 years of clinical research and experience, VitaTree Nutritionals and our team of experts collaborates to develop high quality, unique, effective whole food formulations using the most advanced technologies available to blend our whole food multivitamins.

Vitamins Good for Fertility

As a naturopathic doctor, I see many patients who are having problems with getting pregnant and staying pregnant. Nothing is more stressful to a couple who really wants to have a baby than having difficulties with fertility. Yet there are so many natural products that can help with this very issue.

The Problem with Magnesium Stearate

The Problem with Magnesium Stearate

Many people who buy supplements in the store don't always realize or check to see what's actually in them. Besides the key ingredients, there are often many others listed under "other ingredients". One of the most common "other ingredients" is Magnesium Stearate. It is a substance who's only purpose is to allow the machinery during processing to run smoother and faster and it can prevent the supplements from sticking together.

B Vitamins: Why you should never take them

When people are stressed or fatigued, they often turn to B Vitamins to eliminate their symptoms. This is something I would never recommend for one very simple reason: all the B Vitamins you buy in the store are synthetic. They are made from chemicals. B12 actually contains trace amounts of cyanide, which is a known poison. Some of the side effects of synthetic vitamins are nausea and stomach upset.

B12 Deficiency and the Dangers of Taking the Wrong B12 Supplement

Most people don't realize that the Vitamin B12 Supplement they're taking may be laced with a known toxin, cyanide. If your supplement says cyanocobalamin, it is a cheap, synthetic chemical made in the laboratory that is produced with cyanide. We all know that cyanide is actually a poison, so it's not something you want to swallow or have injected into your body.