Vitamins Good for Fertility

As a naturopathic doctor, I see many patients who are having problems with getting pregnant and staying pregnant. Nothing is more stressful to a couple who really wants to have a baby than having difficulties with fertility. Yet there are so many natural products that can help with this very issue. First, it's important that both the man and the woman have a healthy diet, with lots of raw fruits and vegetables. They need the antioxidants found in produce to fight off the free radicals we're exposed to on a daily basis. Things like pomegranate, acai and goji berries. These are the super foods that we need daily, yet many of us are challenged to find time to prepare fresh produce.

For this reason, I created Vita Fruits and VitaVeggies. They are the equivalent of approximately seven servings of fruits and vegetables, using nature's best super foods in a concentrated and easy-to-take capsule. It takes a clean and healthy body to produce a healthy baby and Vita Tree makes it easy. Detoxification is also critical. Getting rid of the toxins in the internal organs, including the reproductive organs, can really help increase your fertility. This is important for both men and women, and should be started at least three months before trying to conceive.

For women, it's necessary to properly balance the hormones, so that you have a proper estrogen / progesterone balance. Vita Women's is created to do exactly that. Using Macca, which is Peruvian Ginseng, it also brings down the prolactin levels, which can interfere with the ovaries. Vita Tree Probiotics also help to balance the estrogen levels, which will help to increase fertility. VitaMen's also contains Maca, which helps to increase men's sperm count and fertility. It provides the ingredients needed for healthy male reproductive function.

VitaFish Oil is another valuable supplement. The Omega 3's have anti-inflammatory effects on the woman's system, which can aid in keeping insulin levels low and helping to ensure a successful pregnancy. The DHA in the fish oil is critical for the development of the baby's brain and cognitive skills, so it serves a dual purpose, for mother and baby. The increasing amounts of heavy metals found in our system can also impact infertility. And even once you do conceive, those toxins can easily be passed on to the growing baby. It's essential to detoxify before getting pregnant and VitaDetox is gentle yet very effective. It was created to specifically target heavy metals in all the internal organs.

With careful planning, you can use natural supplements to help with your health and fertility issues. As I've always said, your health is in your hands. The choices you make, in terms of your diet and supplementation, can impact your life. With Vita Tree, you get a supplement line that is totally whole food based, with no extra ingredients, chemicals or fillers. We create only the very best, in simple and easy-to-take capsules. So that you too, can live the healthy Vita Life!

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Natural Fertility boosting Whole Food Supplements

Dr. Janine Bowring

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