The Top Five Foods for Diabetes

Diabetics can dramatically improve their sugar levels by changing their diets and adding some key superfoods to help balance the insulin levels in the blood. The following are well researched dietary changes that can help diabetics, and those who have fluctuating insulin and sugar levels due to poor diet and perhaps stress.

Remove Toxins to Lose Weight Fast and Feel Healthier

When trying to lose weight and feel healthier, one of the things people don't automatically think about is that your body may be full of toxins. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, all these can contribute to an increase of internal toxins. Releasing these toxins is an essential part of losing the weight, feeling lighter and healthier.

How to Naturally Smooth the Skin

Bumpy unattractive skin, seems to plague particularly women as we age. There are, however, natural things we can do to reduce the appearance of bumpy skin to help smooth the skin as we age.

My Top Five Fat Loss Foods

After years of helping my patients and clients reach their weight loss goals, I have put together my list of Top Five Fat Loss Foods. Consumed daily, these will help you shed those stubborn pounds, particularly the difficult belly fat.

Could your vitamins be making you fat?

The problem with many vitamins on the market today is that they are synthetically produced and contain many fillers that the body doesn't recognize. Unlike whole foods, which our system recognizes and knows where to send them for the most benefit, the body starts to dilute the synthetic ingredients.