Yoga Exercises to help Lift Sagging Jowls & Jaw lines

As we age, we lose muscle mass in our faces and the result often are sagging jowls and jawlines. While many women are tempted to go under the knife to correct things, we can do yoga facial exercises on a regular basis to help with this problem in a very natural fashion.

The first exercise is really very simple: you just want to move your lower jaw forward and back, doing about 20 repetitions. I realize that you will look quite silly doing this, but bottom-line, beauty sometimes requires work. You don't have to do expensive procedures or have surgery, just work your facial muscles to build up that muscle mass. Done daily, this will help tonify the muscles in the lower jaw and help them from sagging.

Next is my favourite exercise I like to call The Chewing Exercise. You simply put your head back, smile and chew with your bottom jaw. You can feel the effects of this one almost as you do it, helping to strengthen and tonify your jaw muscles which will prevent them from sagging.

The last exercise involves a big smile and holding down the skin of the face for resistance. What this does is helps to tonify the muscles in all of the face and lifts the cheek muscles behind the cheek bones. Again, if we're lifting everything upwards, it prevents the jowls and jaw lines from sagging downwards. It goes against gravity, defending those jowls from sagging down. Press down gently on the skin to form that resistance and then make a big smile. Do 20 repetitions three times a day, you can really feel the circulation starting to increase. It's very easy to do and quite effective.


Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables can help keep the skin looking fresh, while a good probiotic can help rejuvenate it. Keep yourself healthy and young the VitaTree way. And live the vibrant Vita Life!

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Dr. Janine Bowring

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